Los 8 mejores ratones ergonómicos para salvar tu mano de los calambres

Los 8 mejores ratones ergonómicos para salvar tu mano de los calambres

8 mejores ratones ergonómicos de 2023 | Ratón ergonómico superior

<h2 class=”body-h2″>What to Consider</h2><p>Prior to buying an ergonomic mouse, keep in mind a number of factors such as the feel and design of the mouse, the sensor type, and the connection type. </p><h3 class=”body-h3″>Feel and Design</h3><p>For an ergonomic mouse, the physical feel and design is the highest priority. Many ergonomic mice have more traditional designs with adjustments in the body so it contours more closely to your hand. Other options have vertical designs, which align with the natural resting state of your wrist. Several mice also come with trackballs, which reduce movement in your wrist, instead of underbody sensors, but these take some getting used to. </p><h3 class=”body-h3″>Sensor</h3><p>Outside of a trackball, the two major types of sensors are optical and laser. Laser sensors are typically found in higher-end models and have the most accurate tracking capabilities on smooth surfaces like desks or tables. Optical sensors are generally cheaper, but still offer high-quality tracking and movement when in use. </p><h3 class=”body-h3″>Wired or Wireless</h3><p>While a wireless or wired connection does not affect the feel of the mouse in your hand, a wired mouse may cause a slight drag feeling. This is especially the case if the wire snags on part of your desk or <a href=”https://www.popularmechanics.com/promotions/g43064959/best-cable-management-amazon/”>tangles with other wires</a>. Despite those potential drawbacks, a direct wired connection reduces latency and gives you nearly real-time movement, which makes a difference for <a href=”https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/g43146348/best-playstation-5-accessories/”>high level gaming</a>.</p><p>Wireless mice rely on Bluetooth connections with high-speed USB dongles. The connection speed in most modern wireless models and wired options is virtually identical, so even if low latency is a priority for you, this doesn’t rule out wireless options for most users.</p><h2 class=”body-h2″>How We Selected</h2><p>We selected the best ergonomic mice by testing three of our top picks throughout a day of work each. I also used them for some intense, but losing, efforts in a few PC games I play regularly. We pared down our picks based on research across multiple sites including <em>PC Mag, Rtings, </em>and<em> Best Products</em>. Additionally, we scoured through hundreds of review from verified buyers.</p>” />

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